50 Wildest Bible Stories

Andy Robb

Price: S$13.90

In “50 Wildest Bible Stories” there’s a slippery serpent suggesting sin, a bunch of babbling builders, a pair of past-it parents, a final farewell feast …and lots of other wild things besides. Andy Robb succeeds again in retelling and illustrating fifty exciting Bible stories in a way that children will love. Among this colourful collection are the stories of “Ruth and Boaz”, Samson killing a lion with his bare hands, the Queen of Sheba’s visit to Solomon and Jesus’ temptation by Satan. As in “50 Weirdest Bible Stories” and “50 Craziest Bible Stories” each story in this book has a cliff-hanger ending and points to a Bible passage for readers to look up to find out what happened next. It offers a great introduction to the wildest stories of the Bible and to the God who works even the wild things into His plans and purposes.