Eat This Book

The Art Of Spiritual Reading

Eugene H. Peterson

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Eugene Peterson’s landmark Spiritual Theology series is foundational reading for the twenty-first century Church.

The product of Peterson’s many years’ experience as both pastor and professor of the highest calibre, this series combines first-class scholarship and genuine, lived application. Beautifully written, its presents a fresh and urgent evaluation of contemporary Christian spirituality.

‘St John walks up to the angel and say, “Give me the book.”‘ writes Peterson. ‘The angel hands it over, “Here it is; eat it, eat the book.” And John does. He eats the book – not just reads it – he got it into his nerve endings, his reflexes, his imagination. The book he ate was Holy Scripture.’

Eat This Book encourages the art of the reading the Bible so that it becomes a text for living and growing, not just thinking or behaving, and recasts the ancient discipline of lectio divina – spiritual reading – for a postmodern culture.

Also available in the Spiritual Theology series: Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, The Jesus Way,The Word Made Flesh and Practise Resurrection.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Scripture is for Taking In, Digesting and Living

In Eat This Book, Peterson continues the work he began in his masterful Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places to construct a “spiritual theology.” And in this book, he takes up “spiritual reading.” Peterson guides into an intentional encounter with the Bible by focusing not just on the fact that we read the Bible, but in focusing on how.
Peterson’s focus can be summed up by the guiding metaphor that gives the book its title: Eat This Book. The metaphor comes from the book of Revelation, where an angel tells John the Seer to eat the scroll he gives him containing God’s word. Peterson molds this rather cryptic command into a well-shaped image of how we should take the Bible in when we read it. Scripture isn’t for external study, for quantifying or dissecting, but it is first and foremost for taking in, digesting, and living.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Challenged Me to Read Scripture More

Delightfully challenged me to read Scripture more than analytically. Really good background on translation, the Message, and even on Aramaic. Strong arguments for the importance of relating the Story currently and contextually for each generation and people. So many good things and ideas to reflect upon.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Taste the Honey instead of Being Just A Jar-Licker

This is a profound book that might just twist your head back in place about your religion.
Many go their whole lives without eating the most important food they ever came across. The most nutritious, life affirming food they were given they keep wrapped in it’s shiny packaging sitting nicely on a shelf in a place of honour.
I have also heard it described as licking the honey jar. Instead of opening the jar and eating the honey they lick the outside of the jar and never taste the honey.
In this book the author explains why and how to eat the scriptures and not just read and venerate them. If you’re not eating them you are missing out on the most important part. If you are not eating the scriptures you are a jar licker.
This book might just give you a whole new perspective on your religion and your spiritual practice.
The scriptures are not something to believe in, they are not something to judge other people by, they are something to transform you, if you are not being transformed by them you are using them incorrectly. This book shows you how to do something about that.