How to Keep Your Inner Mess From Trashing Your Outer World

Creating peace from your inner chaos

Bill Giovannetti

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Our various spiritual malfunctions are manifestations of a single force: what used to be called ‘the flesh’. The theme of the book is how to handle the flesh. The flesh – or , as this book terms it, the Inner Mess – is the biggest splat on the windshield of following Jesus. It turns Christianity into a gigantic hamster wheel of frustration. You run fast, but go nowhere. Your Inner Felon, Inner Control Freak, and Inner Brat wrap their tentacles around even your most sincere intentions. If you try to fight against your lower nature – the Brats and Control Freaks – you will fail. ‘That’s picking the wrong fight. The correct fight is the fight of faith. It is the fight to keep on believing in God and his power.’ This shrewd and joyful book will help believers at any stage to encounter the real power of grace afresh.