From Trial to Triumph

A personal account of a father’s heart in caring for his medically-challenged child

Moses Wong

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Tough times don’t last, tough parents do.
How will you respond to God and the people around you when you suddenly discover that your 70-day-old baby suffers from a congenital medical condition?
Do you still believe that God has a wonderful plan for you and your family?
Can you still trust God for His miraculous healing and intervention when He seems so distant and far away?
In From Trials to Triumph, you will read a real-life account of Moses Wong – how as a father and head of his family, he trusted God to provide for his baby girl, Ariel and deliver her from her congenital liver problem.
The purpose of this book is to share a message of HOPE and LOVE to parents with challenged children, that no matter how tough or difficult your children may be, we, as parents, will NEVER, NEVER give up on them. As we walk through this dark and sometimes uncertain tunnel of life, we can remember that there is always a light at the other end of the tunnel!
In this book you can pick up ideas and strategies that will help you to:
  • Be open and transparent towards God about your challenges
  • Be humble in relating to the people around you
  • Be sensitive to Christian parents that face such challenges
  • Be mindful of imagery that depicts God as a caring and compassionate Father
This book serves as a practical guide for Christian parents facing similar challenges.
About the Author
Moses Wong is Managing Director of Journey With U Pte Ltd, an organization that is dedicated to journeying with parents with challenged kids. This organization is birthed by his deep desire to share the message of hope and love with parents after he has gone through three years of ‘hell’ with his third daughter, Ariel who was suffering from a terminal liver disease then. Being a much sought-after family life educator whose programs are pre-approved by the Ministry of Social and Family Development for funding, he has spoken to more than thousands of parents at different schools throughout Singapore.
He graduated with a second class honors degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore in 1994, and was awarded the Best academic award with a double masters, Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counselling and a Masters of Divinity with East Asia School of Theology


“This is one of the most intense books that I’ve read in my life! I praise God and commend Moses for his tremendous effort to share with us his family’s pilgrimage in the Lord so humbly and honestly.

This book has impacted me with a renewed sense of the greatness of God’s mercies, loving kindness and faithfulness with a deep encouragement and appreciation of my friend’s perseverance and faithfulness in trusting and walking in the Lord through life’s most difficult challenges.

In Moses’ recounting of his family’s journey of their life’s unexpected problems, pressures and pains, I am reminded of the sovereignty of God’s work leading us to know Him more deeply through our trials. I marvel at the abounding grace of God that is available to us his children to sustain us in all circumstances. I am amazed at how the faithfulness and tangibility of God’s love shines through in so many ways to strengthen and carry his children through this fallen and broken world. And I am encouraged to keep trusting and obeying my Lord Jesus Christ in my life through Moses’ life and story.

I highly recommend this book to everyone! To God be the glory.”

~ Hon Chin Foang, Lead Pastor, Good News Baptist church