I Want To Teach My Child About Sex

An On-The-Go Guide for Busy Parents

Karl Wendt, Shannon Wendt

Price: S$15.95

How do I teach my child about sex?

Busy parents like you long for help, hints, and solid strategies to enable their kids to learn the importance of a healthy view of relationships and sex. From how to handle the big talk to learning how boys and girls are made differently, I Want to Teach My Child About Sex offers clear, concise information about the often difficult to discuss topic of sex plus tips, lists, charts, questions, and practical, interactive suggestions for helping your child…

  • Learn that our bodies are gifts from God.
  • Discover the importance of respecting our bodies.
  • Understand that sex affects our lives and relationships.
  • Realize that sex has consequences for everyone involved.
  • Explore why respect is key in loving relationships.

I Want to Teach My Child About Sex fits neatly into your purse, pocket, or briefcase—ready to offer you support, activities, and loads of practical information in a snap! (Be sure to check out the other I Want to Teach My Child About … books— because you’re never too busy to teach your child!)