Deliver Us From Evil

An Uneasy Frontier in Christian Mission

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Perhaps the most comprehensive single volume available on spiritual warfare in our time, Deliver Us from Evil is the newest and most provocative work of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. In this unique compendium, influential pastors, missionaries and theologians from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas explore and debate the nature of evil in the context of God’s sovereign love for creation.

These respected thinkers and practitioners came together in Nairobi, Kenya, from across the spectrum of Christian traditions, to learn from each other and to identify and study:
-How evil impacts the evangelisation of peoples and the development of just societies.
-Strategies for effective Christian mission in light of the Bible, history and contemporary issues.
-How Satan and demons behave, particularly where the gospel is gaining new territory.
-Common ground, where all believers in Jesus Christ-across history and cultures- can confidently stand.

Their combined insights are inspiring, frequently surprising and published here for the first time. Their perspectives have not been edited to agree with each other, and in fact reflect significant controversies as they present a biblical framework, survey perspectives through church history, examine front-line struggles, and specifically explore the role of culture and theology in local settings.

Unafraid of naming the tensions that divide the global church regarding spiritual warfare, yet clear about core understandings that unite the church, Deliver Us from Evil is a pivotal, must-read book for anyone weighing strategies, options and obstacles in serving Christ effectively. A useful master bibliography is also included.