Lutheranism 101 for Kids

Julie Stiegemeyer, Scott Stiegemeyer

Price: S$12.30


Lutheranism 101 for Kids is part of the best-selling Lutheranism 101 series and written in the same easy-to-read and understand format giving the student a useable and comprehensive overview of the Lutheran faith and practice. Its short articles, sidebar features, glossary of terms, and topical index create a solid foundation that helps prepare fourth through sixth graders for confirmation.

Lutheranism 101 for Kids helps pre-confirmation children learn more about God’s love for them in Christ and about faith as a Christian using:

  • A Glossary of Terms
  • A Topical Index
  • A Scripture Index
  • Short easy-to-read and age appropriate article
  • Stuff You Need to Know (sidebar call outs)
  • From the Bible! – Quotations from the Bible
  • Believe, Teach, Confess! – Quotations from creeds or Lutheran teachings
  • Word Alert! – Words and phrases quickly defined