Cover To Cover BS- Revelation 4-22

The Lamb Wins! Christ’s Final Victory

Brian Hoare

Price: S$10.60

CWR present a further two titles in the highly regarded Cover to Cover study guide series. These books continue to provide a unique resource for group and individual study sessions lasting between one to two hours. Each book consists of seven stimulating sessions and includes opening ice-breakers, Bible references, discussion starters and suggestions for personal application. There is an introduction that sets the topic in context as well as helpful notes for group leaders.

Here is a bible-study to tackle the latter chapters of Revelation territory into which few of us dare to venture alone. Through the seven study topics: the Lamb upon the throne; the seven seals; the seven trumpets; the seven symbols; the seven bowls; the final judgment and the triumph of God; and all things new, Brian guides us into a fuller understanding of the major themes and visions of Revelation, whilst also helping us to wrestle with some detailed interpretation. Written to encourage the Christian Church in every age, the overriding message of the Book of Revelation is clear the ultimate victory of God and His Church over Satan and all of his allies. Having grasped this truth anew, we will then be better equipped to face the challenges of living in our modern world.