Transformational Discipleship- Member Book

Your Church Helping People Be like Jesus

Barry Sneed, Roy Edgemon

Price: S$9.31


Does your church need a change of heart? Do your church members truly know God, or do they just know about God?
Every program and ministry in the life of a church should have the goal to help believers be transformed into the likeness of Jesus. When believers come to know Jesus personally, the character of Jesus spills over into the activities of the church. Instead of activity-based performance, character-based, internal, spiritual transformation becomes the goal.

Church members today have extensive head knowledge about God but don’t really know God well enough to believe Him when He gives a directive in life. Many of our churches are being merely remodeled by activities and programs driven by man, rather than being transformed by God. Are you and your church ready to truly know God? To transition from head knowledge of Him to heart-to-heart intimacy with Him? This study can help you do just that. 12 sessions.


  • Includes practical guidance for developing a discipleship ministry
  • Helps leaders develop or strengthen the discipleship ministry of their church
  • Assists churches, regardless of size or situation, to create an environment and build a foundation for spiritual transformation
  • Leads believers to the relationship of love, trust, and obedience that Jesus modeled