Christian Girl’s Guide to Change Inside and Out, The

The Unofficial Guide to an Ever-changing You!

Rebecca Park Totilo 

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Celebrate the changes in your life with this fun girls’ guide, packed with tips, how-to’s, and quizzes! The Christian Girl’s Guide to Change includes devotions for girls ages 10-12 and scriptures that will guide you through the changes in your life.

Sometimes change is fun…sometimes change is nerve-wracking. No matter how you react to change…you probably already know that change is gonna happen. From body changes to pimples, this is your go-to-guide for how to navigate through change. Super-size your confidence with The Christian Girl’s Guide to Change. Features practical tools, how-to’s, and quizzes that will help you discover fun ways to pamper yourself, handle stress, and overcome “awkward” situations.

Enjoy having:

  • Dozens of head-to-toe tips for skin, hair, and nail care.
  • Fun, quick-read devotions on how to handle change.
  • Over 12 super-fun quizzes that will help you discover more about…you.
  • Teen craft activities, including how to make a sugar scrub, how to make sleepy-time tea, and more!

Covers important (confidential) girl topics, including fitness tips, puberty, acne, menstruation, PMS (Yikes!), and more!