Classic Prayers For Every Need

Donna K. Maltese

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Readers will find encouraging, thoughtful prayers on dozens of issues with the topically arranged prayers in Classic Prayers for Every Need.

Featuring hundreds of prayers from giants of the faith spanning centuries such as Oswald Chambers, E. M. Bounds, Mother Teresa, Saint Augustine, C.S. Lewis, and Christina Rossetti, this fantastic book includes dozens of categories and key life issues—from Character and Direction to Suffering and Worry.

Equally interesting and encouraging, Classic Prayers for Every Need provides new insight and inspiration for your prayer life.


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From C.S. Lewis, to Mother Theresa of Calcutta, wagons of other important men and women of faith will bring good mood, inspiration to your life, they will let you understand much better your problems.
These prayers with their importance and their wise words are here, waiting for you, your human problems and miseries for bringing a sparkle of light in your existence, if you need it, or a word of comfort, or just some seconds of reflection.
This book is for every possible needs and for being used everyday of course, because each day is different from the other one and each day potentially needs a different prayer.
Or many different prayers 🙂
Bring it in your purse and wherever you will go you will find a great instrument of prayer and a moment for staying all alone with God and with these inspired men and women born with the ability to speaking with God with simplicity and humanity.

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This is a great reference book that provides prayers for any occasion. If you find yourself at a particular hurdle or struggle, this book will provide a comforting thought and prayer for you.
The prayers in this book span the ages, over 280 powerful prayers from 140 influential Christians. Each prayer is just as relevant today as it was when it was originally delivered or written. There are 57 topics to choose from, each one opening with a devotional thought, followed by five or more prayers, as well as a quote relating to that topic.
I recommend this book to all Christians to use as a reference when you face adversity in your walk.

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Classic Prayers for Every Need by Donna K. Maltese contains prayers for almost every occasion. If you need to find a prayer for a meeting or for personal prayer Classic Prayers for Every Need should help. Inside the book there are 280 prayers to choose from. You will find prayers covering adversity, affliction, relationships, God, salvation or thankfulness.