A B.A.B.E.’s Guide to Understanding Guys

Andrea Stephens

Price: S$24.40

When it comes to boys, every girl wants a little advice. Why do boys act the way they do? And why are they so annoying and yet so cute? With her fresh and fun-loving style, popular author Andrea Stephens . . . – explains the differences between the sexes – shares what a guy’s birth order and personality type reveal about him – discusses the benefits of friendship with guys – gives reasons why girls don’t need boyfriends to have worth – offers creative ideas for coed activities and group dates With quizzes, profiles of Bible guys, interviews, and a Q and A section, Andrea also tackles the tough issues of purity, modesty, and delayed dating. Interactive and accessible, Boyland: A B.A.B.E.’s Guide to Understanding Guys is perfect for both personal and small group use.