Women Reaching Women (Revised/Expanded)

Beginning and Building a Growing Women’s Ministry

Chris Adams

Price: S$31.57

Women Reaching Women: Beginning and Building a Growing Women’s Ministry compiled by Chris Adams is a complete handbook that contains Bible-based help for developing women’s leadership skills and starting and/or growing a women’s ministry. Contributing authors include: Martha Lawley, Rhonda Kelley, Jaye Martin, and Karen Finke. WRW helps you plan a balanced ministry of outreach, inreach, Bible study, fellowship, and discipleship.

Topics include:

  • The Generations in the Postmodern World (how to reach this segment)
  • Leading Well: Life Lessons for Leaders (spiritual life of the leader)
  • Women’s Ministry in Smaller Churches
  • Ministry to Women Whose Husbands are not Spiritual Leaders
  • Involving the Uninvolved
  • Girl’s Ministry: Raising a New Generation of Women
  • Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! For Your Women’s Ministry