7 Virtues For Effective Living

Benny Ho

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One of the keys to the transformation of an organization or church is when its culture is intentionally created and not left to chance. We can build a healthy culture by using Matthew 25:21 – “Well done thou good and faithful servant” as a framework to encapsulate a few culture elements. Each word in this powerful commendation of the Lord outlines a virtue that can bring about a new level of effectiveness in our daily living. When these 7 Virtues are diligently applied, we can allow Kingdom values and principles to shape and transform our families, churches and organisations. Each chapter comes with personal reflection and group discussion questions.

Topics in this book include:
Well- Excellent by Choice
Done- “Can Do” Attitude
Thou- Focus on People
Good- Character First
And- Balance it All
Faithful- Faith and Faithfulness
Servant- Humility before Honour