50 Bible Stories – B (Set of 3)

Andy Robb

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A slippery serpent suggesting sin. A bunch of babbling builders. A nine-foot giant, puppet kings. A dazzling dancer, big fish travel, getting a drink out of a rock, the right and wrong ways to carry a box the size of a coffee table, what we can learn from ants – lots of weird, wild things happened in Bible times!

Andy Robb, author of the Professor Bumblebrain series, has collected together the very wildest, weirdest, wackiest passages of Scripture in 50 Wildest, Weirdest, Wackiest Bible Stories. Andy’s witty and conversational style, plus colourful illustrations, brings God’s Word to life for children.

Each story has a cliff-hanger ending and a Bible passage to look up to find out what happened next. The Bible tells us about some extraordinary events, and these books will help to introduce readers to the extraordinary God who lies behind those events.

This 50 Bible Stories  –  B  (Set of 3) includes :

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