Me, Myself, and Lies for Young Women

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

Jennifer Rothschild

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What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself
Do the words you use when you talk to yourself ever sound like thi

I’m not pretty enough…

If only I was popular…

I’ll never be good enough…

Whether you say it out loud or in your head, words like these will tear you down as a teen girl and make you feel like you don’t matter.

The truth is, you do matter! And you can learn how to tell yourself the truth with powerful soul talk—telling yourself the words that God Himself would say to you.

With authenticity and wit, Jennifer Rothschild will help you
live with confidence
know what God’s Word says about you
feel comfortable in your own skin
As you replace lies with God’s truth, you’ll be free to live the beautiful life God has planned for you.