Fearless Parenting

How to Raise Faithful Kids in a Secular Culture

George Barna, Jimmy Myers

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Either your child shapes the culture or the culture shapes your child.

We long to bring up our children as good Christians and good citizens, but it’s an uphill battle. In a culture of rampant narcissism and moral anarchy, righteous living isn’t easy and isn’t popular. If we want to see our children grow up with their faith intact, we cannot afford to simply react, making it up as we go along. We must approach parenting with intentionality and consistency. In this hopeful book, world-renowned researcher George Barna and nationally respected counselor Jimmy Myers offer a plan of action to raise healthy, godly children in our morally bankrupt culture.

“George Barna’s incredible research and understanding of culture, combined with Jimmy Myers’s practical parenting and counseling insight, makes Fearless Parenting a must-read. This book will give you great discernment in understanding how to parent a child growing up with today’s cultural pressures.”–Jim Burns, PhD, president, HomeWord; author of Confident Parenting and Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality