Undefiled Heart, The

What does the heart of a worshipper look like?

Ricky Sim

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God is after the heart of worship, and so is the devil. In the last days, the enemy is relentless and aggressive to hijack all the worship that belongs to God. One of the ways he does is to defile the altar of our hearts through idolatry. What is the responsibility of every Christian? The thrust of this book addresses the question: “What does the heart of a worshipper look like?” For worship to be authentic, it has to be wholehearted and undefiled.” -Ricky Sim

There’s only one way I know to deal with idolatry, and that is by the violence of incessant repentance. Whenever you see it, take out the sword of the Spirit and hack off that vine. And be aware that the tendrils of idolatry always grow back again. They will launch yet enough effort to wrap around your heart and pull your mind down from things above (Colossians 3:1) The heart’s war against idolatry is not a victory we conquer but a battle that we engage in on a daily basis. The same is true for most issues of the heart.” -Bob Sorge