My Utmost For His Highest – Easy Print

Oswald Chambers

Price: S$25.15

Deepen your love and understanding of God with My Utmost for His Highest. Millions have found the words of Oswald Chambers speaking right to them, challenging and encouraging individual readers to be the person God designed them to be.
This updated-language edition of the Oswald Chambers masterwork provides 365 thought-provoking, Scripture-based meditations. Let them ignite your passion for Christ each day of the year.
My Utmost for His Highest has been a proven, best-selling devotional for many years. Over the past century, Oswald Chambers’s writings have inspired countless people to drink deeply from the Biblical truths that he so passionately championed.
His words are simultaneously penetrating and invigorating, and they trigger something in your soul leaving you forever changed.
The biblical thoughts and themes that Chambers delivers in this updated-language, large-print edition will resonate with you as you seek to grow your faith.