Gratitude Range Set Of 6 Small Magnetic Pagemarkers

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! Ps. 136:1

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Six thumb-size works of art to tickle your fancy! Use these Small Magnetic PageMarkers to flag your place in books, hang reminders around your workspace, post artwork on the fridge, label devices/possessions or decorate lockers/lunchboxes. Victoria Hutto doodle-like design on the front; simple praise inspired by Psalm 136:1 on the back. Each tiny treasure has a fun-factor equal to its functionality!

Coordinates with all Gratitude Collection gift items–feminine, colorful, artistic!

• Victoria Hutto Artwork
• Laminated Magnetic Vinyl Sheeting (¾” x 1”)
• Scripture Verse: Psalm 136:1
• 6 PageMarkers / Single Display Card
• Intended for Ages 6+