Burden Shared, A

Fifty Devotions for Those Who Lead

David Roper

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“I’m inadequate.” “I don’t know what I should do.” “I feel too busy for God.”

In A Burden Shared: Fifty Devotions for Those Who Lead – David Roper addresses this thought process with which he and many other pastors and ministry leaders he has met over the years wrestle. We in Christian leadership, can fully believe in what we’re doing, and yet feel barren and discouraged at times.

Instead of increasing our pace (and our blood pressure), it’s time to take a deep breath and return to the basics. “The safest course is to find a pattern in the Word,” David Roper writes, and in these 50 short devotionals, he ponders the fundamentals of Christian service. A Burden Shared is not meant to provide instructions on how to do ministry, but rather offer pastors and ministry leaders a quiet space in and through which to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice and our value in Him.