The Fear of the Lord, Workbook

Discover the Key to Intimately Knowing God

John Bevere

Price: S$24.50

The Fear of the Lord Devotional Workbook – unlock the treasures of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge! What is missing in your church, your prayers, and in your present life? What will build a deeper intimacy in your relationship with God? What can make your life more purposeful and focused? What will transform you into a truly Spirit-led child of God? The Fear of the Lord!

John Bevere eposes the need to fear God. With his lovingly confrontational style, Bevere challenges you to reverence God anew in your worship and daily life. God longs to be known, and there is only one way to step into that deep intimacy and experience it fully. Any other approach will inevitably result in judgment.

Now you can give God His due honor and reverence in a way that will revolutionize your life!