King Me

What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father

Steve Farrar

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Every son longs for his father’s direction, for Dad to make the son a leader.
“King me!” the son cries out. . . . God calls upon fathers to mentor their sons.

—Steve Farrar

You can be the father your son needs and wants you to be . . . no matter what his age. Bestselling author and men’s ministry leader Steve Farrar goes back to the kings of the Old Testament to discover timeless lessons that will prove invaluable to today’s fathers. From these rich biblical narratives Farrar lifts the principles and inspiration you need to build your son into the man God wants him to be. With a rare honesty Farrar shows you how to crown your son king of his life by challenging him to honor and serve the King of kings with character and courage.

King Me is a masterpiece. Every caring dad really needs to read it!
-Dr. Joe White, President Kanakuk Kamps Inc., Branson, Missouri

About the Author:
Steve Farrar is the author of the bestselling Point Man. A former pastor and frequent speaker at Promise Keepers, Steve founded and chairs Men’s Leadership Ministries, a ministry that equips men for spiritual leadership. Steve holds a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Mary, have two adult sons and a daughter and live in the Dallas area. For more information visit


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Great Book for Dads of All Ages

I knew what I was getting into with this book. This is my third Farrar book and probably won’t be my last. I really believe that Steve is the best author to speak to men about men’s issues today. For me what makes him so good is his frankness. He doesn’t pull any punches, he doesn’t use dozens of illustrations to get the point across as non-confrontationaly as possible. No, Farrar just tells it like it is, and I find that refreshing in our “religious” world today where tolerance and understanding seem to be 11th commandment.
His discussion of discipline, friendships, and sex I found very helpful and encouraging. While I didn’t agree on everything Farrar said about schools I did understand his thought process which made me respect him for his views rather than confining him to some radical hippy.
In short, this is a great read for all men.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Recommended for Every Loving Father

A book every father must read guiding its readers to strengthening and improving your relationship with your son or grandson. It stresses the importance of approving your son instead of disapproving, the importance of compliments and positive attitudes within the family in lieu of creating stressful disputes through an overbearing, fault finding attitude. Want to keep your son from becoming a rebel? This is the book for you!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   Great Book for Christian Fathers Raising Sons.

I really found this book to be inspirational and informative. I have two sons myself. A two year old, and a three year old. I don’t think that I was a “bad” father before reading this book, but I do feel like reading this book made me think more about what kind of father I am, and what kind of father I want to be. The author gives you a good Biblical perspective of how fathers should deal with different issues that will crop up in the lives of both you and your son(s). I’ve read Pointman and Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar also, and I have always respected him as a great Christian author. It was great to see him be somewhat vulnerable in this book and be honest about struggles that he has faced in his own family. The author pulls no punches and this book will make you take a hard look at how you are living your life and how you may need to change your lifestyle and you parenting style to better raise your own son in the way he should go.