Who Wants to Teach?

A Journey of Faith Hope and Clarity

Debbie Chai

Price: S$15.00

Do you heart the teacher sing
Singing our songs with sad amens
Wondering if our lamentations
Will be heard so once again
Our profession will be thought
Happy and highly and not glum
But it’ll tak a change of mind
‘fore tomorrow come
~Adapted from Les Miserables’ ‘Do you hear the people sing’

If you’re a teacher who constantly feels frustrated, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever felt like you’re skating on thin ice with an elephant on your shoulders, you’re not alone. If you’ve felt trampled underfoot by parents, students, bosses and ‘the system’, you’re most certainly not alone.
Sometimes it takes a lone voice in the wilderness to articulate the needs and grievances of the masses. Sometimes it takes a bunch of motley revolutionaries to highlight that change is due, ‘singing the song of angry men’. This book endeavors to balance the two with a tune that is at once a little contemplative, a little light-hearted, and also perhaps a little respectfully politically incorrect.