33 The Series – Volume 5 Training Guide:A Man and His Marriage

Robert Lewis

Price: S$25.15

A Man and His Marriage Training Guide includes a small-group experience for six sessions, individual study, applicable Scripture, and a group discussion guide.

This six-session study covers important but often misunderstood details about marriage, including biblical foundation, servant leadership, friendship, threats, and sex. It concludes with specific, practical ideas that can help you bring new life to your marriage.

Session Titles:
– The Biblical Foundation for Marriage
– Die to Live
– Friendship in Marriage
– Physical Intimacy
– Obstacles to Biblical Oneness in Marriage
– Game Changers

– Timeless truths adapted from the original Men’s Fraternity series
– Teaching combined with a variety of creative elements
– For group or individual study

– Reinforces the teaching with biblical truth
– Engages men with different learning styles
– Offers provocative questions, scriptural support and text, application, and preparation
– Includes stories from everyday life that help men understand they are not alone in their challenges