The Journey Begins

Adventures through the Bible with Caravan Bear and friends

Avril Rowlands

Price: S$14.90

“Christopher Rabbit stared at the parcel. Someone had sent him a present! He tore open the wrapping and inside was a book with the words “The Bible” on the cover… with a label “Read Me”. As Rabbit wonders at this odd present, a brightly painted gypsy-style caravan hurtles down the road… and narrowly misses him.

Rabbit picks up the book and joins the caravan travellers – Hector the horse, Caravan Bear and Whitby the dog – on their adventures. Enjoy Rabbit’s storytelling along the way, interrupted with frequent questions from the travellers and other animals they meet.

What did Adam and Eve talk about to God? Why didn’t the animals eat each other on Noah’s Ark? How did Jonah come out of the whale? The Animals’ Caravan has echoes of children’s classics such as Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland, as the caravan travellers form a great friendship on their journey together.