Alien Intrusion – DVD

UFOs and the Evolution Connection

Gary Bates, Creation Ministries

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A film for our time. Lots of people are fascinated by the topic of aliens. “What’s actually out there? Will scientists find alien life? Or will aliens find us first?”

But aliens are much more than a mere curiosity. The alien phenomenon is a deception that has fascinated, deceived and often traumatised thousands—no, millions—around the world.

And it is Christians who are best placed to unravel this deception, with its undeniable spiritual connections, as well as obvious links to evolutionary thinking. Alien Intrusion explores some famous UFO claims and asks what is actually (scientifically) possible with regard to interstellar travel. The documentary reaches a compelling conclusion that is both biblically and scientifically sound, and ends with a gospel presentation. This documentary will equip Christians, and challenge the thinking of non-Christians.

Special Feature :

  • Creating False Memories
  • Did God Create Aliens?
  • Post Film Panel Discussion
  • Subtitles in 16 languages

Award Winner!
Alien Intrusion was recently awarded a Bronze Remi award at one of the oldest and largest film festivals in the world—WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. The award was in the category Independent Theatrical Feature – Documentary. We’re thrilled, and it’s great to see a Bible-affirming film receiving recognition from a major secular film festival!

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