Mom, Dad…What’s Sex?

Giving Your Kids a Gospel-Centered View of Sex and Our Culture

Jessica Thompson, Joel Fitzpatrick

Price: S$25.15

A Healthy View of Sexuality Starts with God

God created sex to be good. But our culture is drifting away from a biblical worldview and is promoting an unhealthy view of sexuality. The church has taken a defensive approach, giving our kids a long list of “do nots” with few words of hope or redemption.
Do you want something better for your child?

Rediscover God’s plan for sexuality and instill a positive perspective of sex and identity in your children. Mom, Dad…What’s Sex? will equip you to
– help your child learn what God’s Word—and today’s culture-say about sex
– understand the influence pop culture and social media have on your kid
– share a gospel-centered, hopeful message with your son or daughter

Give your child a healthy view of sexuality grounded in biblical truth—recognizing the gift of intimacy, the reality of brokenness, and the redeeming work of the Savior.