Crash the Chatterbox – DVD

Hearing God’s Voice above all others

Steven Furtick

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Use the promises of God to overcome the voices of insecurity, fear, condemnation, and discouragement ….
Based on Steven Furtick’s book Crash the Chatterbox, this DVD challenges you and your small group to identify the lies of the chatterbox and replace them with the truth and affirmation found in God’s voice. Employing drama, comedy, and profound teaching, these videos will help you overcome the internal negativity that keeps you fully experiencing the life God has given you.

The DVD contains six video separate sessions that can be adapted to four-, five-, and six-week study programs for individuals, small groups, churches, and retreats.

Included in this DVD case is a free resource guide that includes leader suggestions and questions for individuals and groups to discuss.

Crash the Chatterbox session titles include:
Session 1: Introduction (5:48)
Session 2: Insecurity (16:53)
Session 3: Fear (16:36)
Session 4: Condemnation (17:53)
Session 5: Discouragement (20:23)
Session 6: Closing (9:45)

Learn how to live out God’s truth no matter what thoughts or circumstances mark your life. Learn how to crash the chatterbox;and hear God’s voice above all others.