Practical Workbook for the Depressed Christian, A

John Lockley

Price: S$60.99

This work is aimed at depressed Christians, their families, friends and fellow church members. Written by a Christian doctor it sets out to answer specific questions such as “what is depression?”, and “why should Christians get depressed when they have an all-powerful God on their side?”
It addresses the role other Christians can play in helping the sufferer overcome their illness and looks at the ways in which Christians can tackle their problem. The answers to such questions are explained and exercises at the end of each chapter offer much down-to-earth advice. From personal experience the author offers his conviction that for Christians, depression rarely has a spiritual cause and that it is often impossible to snap out of it or find instant healing.
The Church can sometimes make it worse by heaping guilt on the sufferer while ultimately learning to cope with depression can be a “spiritual gymnasium” through which God makes you more fitted to carry out His plans.