Men, Women, & Money – HIS Edition

A Couples Guide to Doing Money Better, Together

Jeff Feldhahn

Price: S$20.90

Money can be a battleground.
Learn how to make it a strength in your relationship.

Do you know any couples who fight about money? Avoid talking about it entirely? The reasons why may surprise you! Built on the groundbreaking research of best-selling authors Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn, this new curriculum reveals the ways men and women are wired differently and why they often have opposite reactions to money-related issues. And it will teach you exactly what to do about it!

Most such studies focus on the technical aspects of doing money–budgeting, investments, getting out of debt–but this experience focuses entirely on you as a couple. In this “His” edition you’ll find information and questions carefully designed for him. You’ll also get a web code that gives you access to six 25-minute video sessions taught by Shaunti and Jeff.

Let this workbook curriculum be the first step to a whole new way of doing money together. Never again spiral into arguments about money–or ignore the subject completely. Whether you are married, engaged, or simply exploring a serious relationship, this is your chance to understand your spouse, fiancé, or significant other and feel understood like never before.