Overcoming Temptation

Effective Strategies to Defeating Temptation

Manickam Chandrakumar

Price: S$10.70

God has given us the power and the desire to resist the work of the enemy. Sin does not have to be a normal way of life. You can learn how to resist the temptation that leads to sin. The author has helped people in over sixty countries with the principles in this book. You can turn your defeat into victory, no matter how strong the temptation to sin might be in your life.

This book will give you the keys to begin a life of true victory! In the author’s own words: “Temptation is not sin, but yielding to temptation is sin. Temptation comes from satan. God does not tempt, but only tests us. God tests us to build us up, satan tempts us to bring us down. Now no one can think that satan is far from him.”