10 Keys to Spiritual Growth Pamphlet

Discipleship Tools to Help You Grow in Christ

A. W. Tozer

Price: S$6.35

Followers of Christ want to grow spiritually, but aren’t always sure how to get started. This slimline pamphlet offers 10 ways to grow your faith and recognize the Holy Spirit’s work in your life. Packed with simple summaries and practical applications, Rose’s 10 Keys to Spiritual Growth covers essential discipleship topics in an easy-to-understand way, making it perfect for individual or small group use.

From Scripture memorization and reengaging your focus on God to serving others and cultivating a thankful heart, Rose’s 10 Keys to Spiritual Growth will help you (and those you teach) grow closer to the Lord. Enjoy its easy-to-follow format, which features:

Read—Key Scriptures to read, explore, and study
Know—Easy-to-understand explanations and insight on growth
Feel—Thought-provoking questions that spur discussion and application
Do—Practical tips and suggestions to apply God’s truth to your life

Discover practical and refreshing ways to grow using the 10 keys:
Key 1: Focus on Your Relationship to God
Key 2: Pray for Growth
Key 3: Memorize and Meditate on God’s Word
Key 4: Seek Wisdom
Key 5: Obey God’s Word
Key 6: Commit to Community, Especially Your Local Church
Key 7: Serve Others
Key 8: Give Generously
Key 9: Be Thankful
Key 10: Trust in God’s Promises