Primal DVD

DVD Based Study – A Resource for Individuals and Small Groups

Mark Batterson

Price: S$37.40

We have a tendency to complicate Christianity. Jesus simplified it. Love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

A companion to the book Primal by Pastor Mark Batterson, the Primal: DVD-Based Study takes you on a five-week journey back to the purest faith possible. With creative video segments corresponding to the sections of the book, this DVD offers Mark’s personal presentation of key insights about primal faith. Each segment ends with thought-provoking questions that will help you or your group interact with the truths of Primal and apply them to life.

– Five video segments with on-screen discussion questions
– Printable conversation guide
– Online video trailer and behind-the-scenes footage with Mark

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This is a five-part study DVD based on the book, Primal by Mark Batterson. I read the book and really enjoyed it. I was eager to check out the DVD. The five main segments include Primal Christianity (corresponds to the first chapter of Primal), Heart (chapters 2 & 3). Soul (chapters 4 & 5), Mind (chapters 6 & 7), and Strength (chapters 8-10). Mr. Batterson shares his thoughts and experiences while asking us questions to help us take a closer look at the Great Commandment and challenge us to excel at it. What does it really mean to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength in our daily lives? According to Mark Batterson, it involves compassion, wonder, curiosity and energy. Each of the 5 segments ends with a key Bible verse and one or two questions/conversation starters. To me, this DVD is more like a super concise version of the book, just to whet your appetite :). I prefer the book and highly recommend it. However, I still enjoyed the DVD and the thought-provoking questions. It’s great for small groups.

“What would happen if we peeled back the layers of tradition and institution? If we stripped away the practices, assumptions and habits in our lives that are not essential? Well, we would get down to the bedrock of Jesus’ “primal” teaching. It’s called the Great Commandment: to love the Lord with all our soul, heart, mind, and strength. Primal Christianity boils down to this one thing being great at the Great Commandment.” ~Mark Batterson