Your Dream. God’s Plan

Are You Longing for Something More?

Tiffany Smiling

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Weeks after serving on her high school’s homecoming court, while doctors operated to remove the brain tumor that was killing her, Tiffany suffered a paralyzing stroke. In the nick of a scalpel she lost her beauty and most of her physical ability. Returning to high school in a wheelchair, head half-shaved and face distorted, Tiffany vowed to be normal and live the dream.

And for a season, she did. But just when the fairytale was within reach, God surprised Tiffany. Wooing her heart, God convinced her that there was something even better in store for her. And He has something better in store for you, too.


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Your Dreams, Gods Plans is a well written book about how God revealed His will and plans in the life of an ordinary young lady. She was ordinary in that she had the same dreams as any other young lady. Through the biography of her life changes, Tiffany challenges the reader to let go of the dreams and plans to achieve them. Trust God to reveal His plans to provide for achievement of His dreams for your life. Through the illustration of events in her life and struggles to be sold out to God, you can look at your own dreams and plans and begin to see what a difference God can make. It wont be easy and Tiffany does not sugar-coat the challenges.

The thing I like most about the book is that it does not jam down your throat the have to dos. You can make the choice to allow God to lead or not. It was a very interesting read.

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The author shares her personal story of childhood cancer and how it forced her to learn how to view her priorities through God’s eyes. She discovered in order to get close to God, we must know what breaks His heart, then choose to see what He sees, followed by our willingness to obey.

She has observed that “pouring our lives into the pursuit of our own happiness has not served us well.” As a result she. developed a heart for orphan children around the world, relating her experiences ministering to children in poverty stricken areas of Uganda, Haiti, and Costa Rica.

She also includes the stories of others whose life dreams were interrupted by God’s plans. However, we must learn how to follow those plans and she clearly presents the steps needed.

This would be great for a women’s Bible study and there are questions for discussion at the end of every chapter.