Conquer Series Study Guide Volume 1

The Battle Plan for Purity

Price: S$29.90

The Conquer Series Volume 1 Study Guide highlights the most essential points from each weekly DVD lesson and maximizes the overall impact. The study guide is a crucial component to the effectiveness of the DVD lessons. In the Conquer Series Volume 1 Study Guide you will find powerful tools that will help you:

– Clear your life of pornography and set up boundaries.
– Make an enduring commitment to change.
– Manage emotional triggers in your life to prevent relapse.
– Journey through the full disclosure process and deal with underlying shame.
– Understand the strongholds of the enemy in your life and begin to break them down.

The Study guide also contains:

Effective tools that will help you put in place what you’re learning in the DVDs.
Bible passages that will help you renew your mind by the power of God’s word.
Discussion and accountability questions to help you dig deeper into your relationship with God and disciple other men.

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