Bible Meditations For All Your Needs

Lloyd Hildebrand

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Bible Meditations for all your needs will help the reader to dive into the deeper things of God, and this will lead to success, peace, joy, and victory. The reader will learn to trust God for all their needs, realizing through Bible meditation that God will supply all their need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (See Philippians 4:19.)

The personal meditations within this book cover a wide range of topics that address individual human needs such as confidence, courage, financial security, guidance, love, rest, and wisdom. Various verses from the Bible form the core of each meditation.

The reader will learn what Bible meditation is and does, how it works, and how its power applies to every aspect of life. In the process he or she will receive God’s blessings and benefits every day, gain insights from God’s Word, achieve victory, encounter God, hear His voice, and learn directly from Him.


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The powerful words in this unique book will become spiritually contagious, for you will store them in your heart and mind and share them with others. The word meditation will become familiar to you, as you learn to pause and reflect on God’s words. When you meditate upon the Scriptures, you are actually meditating upon the Lord. His words provide you with a wellspring of spiritual power that is unending.
Don’t forget that Jesus and the Word are really one and the same. Tremendous blessings will come your way, as you learn to defeat the enemy by way of the Word of God. This book reveals God’s plans for your life, and it will help you to get into God’s Word and let His Word get into you.
Lloyd covers forty-five different categories from Acceptance to Victory in these meditations. Each of these is analyzed with a Central Focus, Points to Ponder, and the meditations themselves. The Bible meditations are scriptural thoughts that will guide you in everything you do. Then, at the end of each meditation, there is a list of Scriptures and a word of wisdom, such as “God loves each of us as if there was only one of us” (Augustine).
Whatever you need from God will be found in these meditations. You will learn to trust God’s Word, which will become very much alive to you as you speak these words into existence. Your faith and confidence will grow.
This book will lead you to know God personally, and this is the goal for which you were created.

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Daily reading of this book is a huge step up in one’s spiritual growth and feeding of the spirit to more than take one through the day. Feeding of God’s Word into one’s spirit doesn’t diminish but up-builds for continual encouragement. The depth of Lloyd Hildebrand’s scriptural understanding is reflected in his writing. In chapter 40 of this book subject is spiritual understanding and Mr. Hildebrand writes: ” God’s Word opens our eyes to spiritual understanding.
This is far more than knowledge; it involves following God’s way and seeing with His eyes. Spiritual understanding comes from knowing Him, hearing His voice speaking to us, and linking our hearts with His wisdom, Fearing the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and this helps us to know that He is always near to cheer, guide, and instruct us.”
I heartily recommend this book to all who are seeking to know the Lord and His Word more intimately to His glory and to their spiritual growth, encouragement, contentment and ever increasing faith.