Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, The

Gary R. Habermas, Michael R. Licona

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The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, along with an interactive CD, will prepare you to make a compelling argument for the historicity of Christ’s resurrection, even to those who do not accept the Bible as divinely inspired.

The authors first develop principles by which a historical event can be accepted as true, then apply them to belief in Christ’s rising from the dead, and finally offer sample scenarios illustrating the use of these principles.

“This compelling book is the most comprehensive defense of Jesus’ resurrection anywhere. If you’re interested in knowing the evidence for the resurrection and sharing it with others, then you must read this book!” —Lee Strobel, Author of The Case for Christ

“It may be the most thorough defense of the historicity of the resurrection.” —J.P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology.

“This is an amazing book. It goes through the historical case for Jesus’ resurrection. It uses a “minimal facts” approach focusing on the evidence that Biblical critics and Bible lovers all agree on (of those who’ve actually seriously studied the evidence). It evaluates nine naturalistic explanations that have been used and reused over the last 2000 years against that evidence.
I used this book to reverse engineer what good ancient history looks like (yes, I am a chemical engineer) – I now have some sense of what I call “historical ways of knowing” aka epistemology. I really had to struggle with some of the evidence, and think through what counted as enough evidence. Of course that couldn’t just be my preference, it had to be compared with the level of evidence available for other known people like Roman emperors of Jesus’ day…
The organization and covering all the combinations and permutations and objections were great!” —Reviewer