Christian Man, The

A Conversation About the 10 Issues Men Say Matter Most

Patrick Morley

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How do you really know if you’re growing as a man of God? How do you balance the busy demands, face whatever challenges are thrown at you, and still build a strong faith and a successful life?

Author of the landmark bestseller The Man in the Mirror, Patrick Morley offers essential advice on the 10 most compelling challenges facing men today. Packed with trusted wisdom and gripping stories, this guidebook will empower you with key principles to live your best Christian life now.

Through the Gospel, God called men to lead healthy and driven lives – to use our gifts strategically to champion the Kingdom. But the unique pressures of our times and society hold us back, keep us reactive rather than proactive, and stall our growth. The good news is: you were made for more. The Christian Man will help you take back your life, become the hero of your own story, and make every day a win.

Morley addresses your biggest concerns: understanding your God-given identity, stewarding all that’s entrusted to you, maintaining spiritual growth, and cultivating a thriving marriage. With practical and biblical answers about manhood, Morley tackles questions like:

  • How do I balance everyday life without losing focus on God and what’s important?
  • How do I snap out of my normal routine and create a Godly one?
  • How can I better use my time, especially for personal growth?

This must-read will help you focus and catalyze your personal life, career, and spiritual walk to live as the powerful man of God you were called to be.

You’ll be able to walk with confidence in the one identity that matters most: The Christian Man.