Searching for Noah’s Ark


Dr. John D. Morris

Price: S$9.50

Join the Quest to Find Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark played a leading role in the book of Genesis, but after safely carrying its passengers through the Flood, the Ark disappears from the pages of the Bible. What happened to it?

Join Dr. John Morris on the adventure to find the Ark on the icy slopes of Mt. Ararat, where Genesis says it came to rest after many months of violent storm and destruction. You will learn

– how the existence of the Ark offers evidence of creation
– what the flood and Ark can teach you about God’s character
– how to respond to claims that the story of the Flood is just a myth

Chronicling more than 45 years of personal accounts and offering geological, historical, and biblical evidence of the Flood, Searching for Noah’s Ark will inspire you to take confidence in the Bible’s historical accounts and its trustworthiness to us today.