A Student’s Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, Updated Edition

Frequency Lists with Definitions, Pronunciation Guide, and Index

Larry A. Mitchel

Price: S$26.65

A Student’s Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic has been a standard resource for students of Hebrew and Aramaic for over 30 years. This new edition has updated formatting and transliterations to be more useful for students in vocabulary acquisition. The book provides vocabulary lists of Hebrew words appearing ten times or more in the Hebrew Bible. A separate section contains all Aramaic words appearing in the Hebrew Bible. The lists are arranged according to word frequency, allowing students to pay special attention to the words they will encounter most often when reading and translating. Complete alphabetical indices of all Hebrew and Aramaic terms in the book are included to make it more user-friendly for students.

The vocabulary lists provide:

• The basic meaning of each word
• Syllabification in transliteration
• Key information about the word’s part of speech
• The number of times each word appears in the Hebrew Bible

This resource is a proven and effective tool to aid students in Hebrew and Aramaic vocabulary acquisition.