Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills Blue Cycle, Grades 4-6 Leader Guide

A Fun Filled Bible Skills Curriculum

Price: S$99.40

Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills is a curriculum that offers activities to appeal to all children as they develop valuable Bible skills. In 36 meetings that can be used with the KJV or CSB, you’ll teach children Bible verses, Key Passages, the books of the Bible, related Bible stories, and much more.

The Leader Guide for Grades 4-6 contains detailed plans for keeping kids moving and learning throughout all 36 Bible-skills teaching sessions. Depending on each meeting’s focus, you (and the children) can choose from at least three fun, skill-building activities, followed by a group time that’s just as exciting! Children can select from options like crafts, recreation, or service to learn additional Bible skills.

• Green Cycle is for 2017 Bible Drill competitions.
• Red Cycle is for 2018 Bible Drill competitions.
• Blue Cycle is for 2019 Bible Drill competitions.