Change Your Trajectory

Make the Rest of Your Life Better

Dale C. Bronner

Price: S$26.75

Become a master, not a victim, of change!

“Change” doesn’t have to be a bad word. Our lives are like objects hurtling through time, colliding with changing circumstances or situations that send us careening down new trajectories and new paths. But if we learn how to respond, change can send us to a bigger and brighter life.

Change Your Trajectory will help you to be proactive in responding to a rapidly and constantly changing world. Its principles will help you transition through change, whether it’s an occupational change, relationship change, political change, sociological change, technological change, or economic change.

This book is for anyone who is experiencing stagnation in life, anyone who is unfulfilled in their current juncture in life, anyone who is simply hungry for change, or anyone who wants to avoid growing obsolete. You will learn:

• How to navigate through uncertainty
• How to deal with change and transition
• How to experience a new trajectory
• How to develop a vision for the future
• How to be a master of change
• How to improve your thinking
• How to overcome failures

It is time to make the rest of your life better!