Spiritual Companioning

A Guide to Protestant Theology and Practice

Angela H. Reed, Richard R. Osmer, Marcus G. Smucker

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Among the smiling faces in church on Sunday mornings are those who long for deeper, more genuine relationships within their local congregations–active, intentional relationships that nurture the soul, foster spiritual growth, and move past surface pleasantries into the real joys and heartaches of life. In a society that is increasingly fragmented, they are looking for a place to simply belong–to come home to other people and to God.

Pastors and lay leaders may use the increasingly popular language of spiritual formation and spiritual practices, yet they struggle to germinate a culture of honest conversation about the life of faith. Drawing on decades of experience in spiritual direction, congregational ministry, and seminary teaching, this book offers a clear and rich introduction to the theology and practice of spiritual companioning in the Protestant tradition. Angela Reed, Richard Osmer, and Marcus Smucker explore the topic in a biblically based and historically informed manner and give practical help for cultivating spiritual relationships in congregations and beyond, using stories throughout to illustrate key ideas. Spiritual Companioning will be of interest to seminary professors and students as well as pastors and lay leaders. Study materials are included.