Busy Person’s Guide to a Healthier Life, A

Practical Ways to Feel Better Every Day

Matt Dragon

Price: S$20.90

Keeping fit can feel like a time-consuming task. But what if you could make several simple, small changes that add up to a large improvement in the quality of your life? A Busy Person’s Guide to a Healthier Life is all about the little ways you can make a big impact on your well-being every day with practical advice and current research in three key areas:

  • Diet & Nutrition—read labels, grocery shop smarter, and stay hydrated
  • Exercise & Fitness—overcome excuses, become gym savvy, and exercise your brain
  • Stress & Rest—sleep better, understand depression, and conquer stress

These and other intriguing topics will help you make better choices and give you dozens of easy things you can do to promote a healthy lifestyle.