BMTN: Lighting the Way.. Four Community Libraries, Metro Manilla, Philippines

We are most delighted to be able to share a few testimonies that we’ve recently received from Pastor Fred Dungganon, Executive Director of the Bukang Liwayway (Dawn for the poor) Foundation, on its community libraries (Bookang Liwayway Libraries) project.

It’s clear that the books and, in particular, the Bibles are finding the ‘right hands at the right time’, as Pastor Fred delightfully reported, [A] few months ago, [we distributed] some English Bibles to my bible class and they [were amazed by] how the study Bibles matched the people group they are serving. For example, Ms. Telma, via a raffle draw, got the Woman’s Bible, and she is serving the women in her Community; Elder Moses got the KJV Study Bible that will help him in his sermon preparation; and a youth worker got a study Bible for teens. Indeed God knows our needs even before we ask Him.

Rose Layusa, BL Scholar, Marilao Library, Children Ministry Leader writes,
As a young leader, I want to grow in faith and understanding about the Word of God as I continue to seek His words. Although I use my devotions to the kids, I felt that I need some guidance using books to be able to use in teaching these kids. I am so happy when Pastor Fred open the library and be able to freely use so many Christian books with picture and designed for kids. Now I am not afraid that I will run out of materials to use for the kids I am handling. Thank you very much to all the donors who gave these wonderful materials that will benefit many from our community especially for our house churches. God bless you.

Pastor Juan Paolo Figueroa, Bukang Liwayway CMM Calapan Coordinator, Dawn Harvest Church Calapan writes,
I am so grateful for the chance to read great books from our foundations project ‘Bookangliwayway’, these books helped me to improve personally in my walk with the Lord and how I relate and minister to people as pastor in Dawn Harvest Church Calapan… The Gold Nuggets of Learnings that I had learned in these books… The bible is not a book full of Truth only or full of Grace but it is a book that is Full of Grace and Truth. Hence, legalism and liberalism is a thief that we should be watchful and beware in our Fellowship and Ministries [from “Grace and Truth” by Tim Keller]… problems and struggles are not here to destroy us, but trials are here to make us stronger and stretch our faith to greater heights and deeper intimacy and trust in our God, so therefore choose to Trust God [from “10 Choices” by Dr. James McDonald]… We should be also dreaming bigger things for the kingdom of God with the power and help of our Lord, and we should chase it, like we’re chasing the Lion [from “Chase the Lion” by Mark Batterson].

Thank you so much Lord for all these learnings, thank you very much to “Bookangliwayway Project” and to all our Sponsors and Cru Media Ministry for donating these amazing libraries!!!  May the Lord bless you abundantly…

October 2018