BMTN: New Creation School in Sekruzu, Nagaland

Resourcing the Library and Training Centre

The New Creation Ministry was founded by Rev. Vekuso Swuro, a former Pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pfutsero Town, a small town located in Nagaland, the North-Eastern part of India. In 2013, together with his wife, Mrs Vesalu Swuro, they set up a school to reach out to the poor and to impart in these young people scriptural values. From 26 students, the school has grown to just over 200. It has subsequently grown to provide training programmes for pastors, lay leaders and farmers under its Oasis Training Centre.

Armed with a vision that every child deserves basic education in order for them to read and understand the word of God, the Ministry began by focusing on building good relationships and trust with the villagers, to encourage parents to send their children to school instead of following them to the fields every day. A humble approach has helped the villagers to understand the importance of education for their children. Over the years, through generous donations, the school has expanded with more classrooms, a basic Chapel and library, as well as a hostel for children who come from far away villages being added.

As Rev Swuro explained,  “Reading materials are not easily available in this remote part of the world, it is also a luxury for the villagers who could barely survive through their own harvests. However, as the number of students’ increase, [so] the school grading system increases, [hence] the need for more reading materials also increases. [The school facilities are] also widely used for training Pastors, Lay leaders, Farmers and Youth Camps (Oasis Training Centre). Reading materials will also richly bless those who come for these trainings as well.”

In early September, a total of 742 books, weighing 372kg (retail value around S$13K), were packed into 12 cartons and sent to India via sea, and further repacked into 27 smaller parcels for onward forwarding to New Creation in Nagaland via post. The titles comprised media resources to support discipleship, Sunday school, and leadership, plus books and bibles for children.

As roads conditions in Nagaland are reportedly “very bad” and mail/parcels are ferried on public buses for smaller towns, much prayer was sought for their safe delivery. Then, just before Christmas, it was with great joy that we heard of the safe, undamaged, arrival of all of the books!

The New Creation Ministry desires to provide an education to as many individuals in the villages as possible, to effect personal development and civil society, and on top of it all, growth in Christian values and character.

Cru Singapore’s Media Ministry (MM) is most thankful for God’s provision of generous donors, ministry partners and overseas colleagues who share our ‘Biblio-Ministry to the Nations’ vision to empower communities and glorify God through literacy and reading.

A final word from Mrs Swuro, “We are very eager to show our students the books. They are on their Winter break as of now and we’re sure they’ll be very happy and surprised to see them and read them. Pray for us also that we may use them to help the students and for the greater glory of our God’s name.”


January 2018

* BMTN – Biblio Ministry to the Nations