BMTN: Reading the Habit… New Creation School, Sekruzu, Nagaland

The right book, for the right child, at the right time… Judging by the faces of the students from New Creation School, Sekruzu, Nagaland, this would certainly seem to be the case. The books are a part of a 700+ consignment that was shipped to the school via India Campus Crusade for Christ (India CCC) in Bangalore last September. The shipment was part of Media Ministry’s (MM) ‘Biblio-Ministry to the Nations’ project.

The school is a key part of the New Creation Ministry run by Rev. Vekuso Swuro and his wife. Its vision is to provide an education to as many individuals, young and old, in the villages as possible, in order to promote personal development, civil society and, above all, growth in Christian values and character.

Recently MM was most pleased to receive an update on progress and some photos from the school’s Co-founder, Mrs Vesalu Swuro. “I’m so glad to inform you that students are happily reading the books and enjoying it. It’s a blessing to the school and our students in particular”, she said. The books help to supplement the school’s text books in both knowledge acquisition and reading for pleasure. Above all, they are encouraging the students to read more, as Mrs Swuro put it, “I’m so happy to see [that the] students are developing reading habits.”

We pray that the students of New Creation School will grow, not only academically, but in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, for His glory.

October 2018