BMTN* – Life Enriching, Christ-centred Resources for Vietnamese Students

In June 2017 Cru Singapore’s Media Ministry (MM) was delighted to host two Vietnamese missionaries, GuoAn and Esther, on a visit to our showroom. In our discussions they shared with us on their student Campus outreach back home and a need for biblically based life-enrichment resources to facilitate ministry opportunities.

Thankfully, much to their surprise, we were able to provide them with some materials as part of our Biblio-Ministry to the Nations* initiative – to bless communities overseas with life-empowering, biblically enriched reading and teaching resources.

It was, therefore, both a joy and a tremendous encouragement to receive their first newsletter on how God has used the resources to greatly enrich their outreach and discipleship efforts.

To quote Esther, “We strongly believe it was a divine appointment, for the Lord wanted to bless our ministry in Vietnam through MM’s generosity. We value these training and biblical books as they came at the right time when we are pioneering a church on new ground – the students village.”

As they had been using an English speaking club as an outreach method to students, such well-designed materials as The 5 love languages, His needs her needs, 101 questions you should ask before getting engaged… proved to be powerful tools in their training and discipling of the new believers. As Esther explained, “We invited them to visit our home, and taught them soft skills through these useful books.” And, most wonderfully, “We managed to share Christ to some of them and praise to the Lord that we have been seeing some students come to acknowledge Christ as their Lord and Savior.”

“For the new believers, we teach them how to read the bible and our near future plan is to train them how to use the [above mentioned] books effectively. We are greatly encouraged in seeing our sheep growing steadily.” Esther also remarked that they were most encouraged by one brother who, “after a few months of discipleship started sharing the gospel and taking care of other sheep.”

It is both an encouragement and an affirmation on the redemptive power of such teaching materials when they reach the right people at the right time, and we can truly see God’s divine enabling all the way from Esther’s meeting in June with MM’s Elsie Tan. In expressing her yearning for the ministry in Vietnam, Esther echoes MM’s prayer for the impact of Biblio-Ministry to the Nations…

“We yearn to see the Lord establish His kingdom on this student village where 20,000 students reside… May the Lord bless your ministry greatly as you bless His servants all over the world.”

October 2017

* BMTN – Biblio Ministry to the Nations