Includes ideas for establishing a good bedtime routine with your kids, tips for reading aloud, and inspiration for introducing children to the greatest Book of all.
Fifty-two stories take children Ages 4–8 through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a way that helps young readers see God’s plan.
USP: $26.75, SPECIAL $22
Introduces children to eight of God’s attributes in a very simple, loving and memorable way through fun rhymes and endearing illustrations that engage your child’s heart.
Start them young to know God’s big heart of love for them through simple prayers.
USP: $21.30, SPECIAL $18

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A wonderful book for Boys Aged 6-11. It is a book about manners, and how boys should act in different environment, such as school, and at home.
It also talks about how boys should be good sports, and how to eat, and talk to people. “A quick and light hearted read and certainly worth the read.”
USP: $23.43, SPECIAL $8
Explains the proper etiquette for common situations and the graciousness that is fundamental to pleasant relationships.
Fascinating facts outline why we follow certain rules, and helpful hints demonstrate courtesy in a child-friendly way.
USP: $23.43, SPECIAL $8



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